About us

“Our clients deserve better than good projects,” says Brossett. “They deserve great projects, with excellent design and superb attention to detail. That’s why they select our firm, and that’s what we deliver.”

If you are looking for a firm that will take a leadership role and watch over the big picture of the project, while at the same time, care tenaciously about even the smallest details, then we should talk

We are a tightly knit, highly trained, laser focused architectural firm. This allows us to bring an unusual degree of personal attention – human attention – to every project. This means we look you in the eye and really listen to your project needs and dreams.

  • We meet face-to-face with the people or customers who will use the space to understand how it can facilitate their work and simplify their lives.
  • We see the progress with our own eyes, we shake hands with the construction team, and they now us by name.
  • You get reports before you ask. We find challenges before there’s a crisis.

Once building begins, we keep a sharp eye on the progress at the job site, and stand up for the highest level of quality.

When you are looking for the right firm for your project, consider not just the past experience of the firm, but the characteristics you need in an architectural firm for success.

If you are in a highly regulated industry, or one that is particularly vulnerable to public scrutiny, you need a firm that lives and breaths details, is highly attentive, proactive, and willing to hold the project to a higher standard.

How do you know your project is being held to a higher standard?

  • You have “Brossett Architects” on speed dial.
  • The construction team says, hey “Brossett Architects” is here checking up on us again.
  • You see “Brossett Architects” on your caller ID after they leave you a message about preventing yet another future problem.

The name “Brossett Architects” is how you know your project is being held to a higher standard.

David Brossett, AIA, LEED-AP

Principal-in-Charge/Project Architect

David over 19 years experience in the architectural profession designing and managing various projects. His strength lies in his passion to help clients fully delegate their projects with confidence that their goals will be achieved.

He is a L.E.E.D. Accredited Professional and has the specialized knowledge and expertise to oversee a commitment to energy efficiency and environmentally friendly design. He has achieved a Master’s Certificate in Sustainable Design from Boston Architectural College.

David has worked on numerous healthcare facilities over the years. Including renovations at W O Moss Regional Medical Center and University Medical Center. David has developed a focus on sustainable design and is the lead designer and oversees all decisions related to energy efficiency and environmentally responsible construction on our projects.