Brossett Architect

Hospital Design: First Impressions Matter

I have been going to various medical centers recently and have begun to notice a difference in the “welcome”. Many folks would assume the patient experience starts with the Doctor visit but I don’t think it does. I’m convinced the patient experience starts at the driveway entrance to the facility. Just like anticipation and excitement builds inside you when you approach your favorite restaurant, anxiety and tension start when you get to a medical center. By the time you actually get inside the front doors, you are already anxious, tense and nervous.

The parking lot, exterior landscaping, signage, security guard booth, these elements are all opportunities to create a sense of calm for you. And these are not particularly expensive options, at least not compared to hospital construction. Beautiful and seasonal flowers in a nicely landscaped bed, thoughtful sidewalks, and walking paths, well maintained and trimmed trees can all help to reduce the stress level in those of us going to a medical center. And this stress reduction can increase healing and improve wellness. But more importantly, I think a great “welcome” can remind us life is worth living.