Brossett Architect


The Brossett Method

We go beyond what ‘has to be done’ and do what ‘should be’ done.


Focused on You

Each member of our team is trained in what we call the “Brossett Method.” Essentially, this means they are trained to care as much as you do about your project, and to worry about it more than you do  – so you don’t have to. We have worked hard to create very specific processes and systems that are specifically designed to produce an elevated sense of responsibility, ownership and attention to detail.


The Perfect Project Process

The “Brossett Method” involves spending an unprecedented amount of time on-site, even daily if needed. Over the years, this daily exposure has helped us develop a keen eye for potential problems long before they arrive.

Based on this experience, we’ve developed an extensive checklist that helps each of our architects to take the wisdom and experience gained from years of hands-on inspection and thoughtful, on-site examination and apply them to every project well in advance. We are able to prevent a long list of common problems that would otherwise cause delays and add to project cost.

The Brossett Crisis Prevention Method

Our Perfect Project Checklist goes a long way toward ensuring that we avoid the most common problems of the typical design/build project. But every project is unique and no project is totally free of issues and challenges.

That is why, in addition to our exhaustive checklist, we also follow a unique ‘Crisis Prevention’ method that helps us to detect potential problems on your project as early as possible and bring them to your attention before they become a crisis. No project can be truly perfect, but that doesn’t stop us from aiming for perfection.