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The Brossett Method: Because Details Matter

In his book 200 Pomegranates and an Audience of One, author Shawn Wood shares a compelling story concerning the design of one of the greatest structures ever built, King Solomon’s vast original temple constructed in Jerusalem in the tenth century BC. A man of unlimited wealth and power, Solomon built an edifice in keeping with his unparalleled access to the finest materials and the most talented craftsmen, one of them a man named Huram whose celebrated bronze work yielded a commission of stunning proportion. His bronze-clad entry columns stood nearly thirty feet high, with capitals rising another seven feet or so. At the direction of his employer, around the crown of each column Huram designed and installed finely detailed rows of pomegranates, two hundred in all.

The work of a truly skilled craftsman, his latticework of spring fruit encircled the columns thirty-five feet off the ground, some three stories high in a typical contemporary structure. Even in the most modern of today’s buildings, ceiling details of that type—no matter how deserving of attention—are frequently lost in a wash of darkness and shadow at such a height. With only modest lamplight to provide illumination, we can only imagine how inconspicuous they were to visitors of Solomon’s temple. Still, Huram committed himself to what others may have thought inconsequential, knowing the one who commissioned the work was well aware of the skill and commitment required to complete it.

At Brossett Architects, we understand a gifted craftsman’s commitment to fine and essential detail. That may involve a design feature installed at eye level, purposefully visible to every building visitor. A vital element may, however, occupy an obscure corner, overlooked by almost everyone, seen by very few. A vital design component may even serve a support role, enclosed within a wall and visible only to designers, contractors and inspectors during construction, now hidden away within wall treatments and finishes. At Brossett, those specifics matter. All of them. Every detail is essential and worthy of practiced attention—thousands and thousands with every project, each one a vital part of the whole.

Chances are that these little details matter to you as well. In fact, neglecting details is what can keep us up at night with worry about what we might miss, and what can go wrong. Whether you are in charge of a government facility, healthcare facility or your personal office, our goal is to pay attention to all the details with such reliability that you don’t have to – so you can sleep soundly at night. You care about details. So do we.

Huram completed dozens of projects for King Solomon, many of them functional, most of them decorative, and all of them ornate. So imposing were his two entry columns, he attached a sense of personality and permanence to each one. He gave them names. One he named Strength, the other he named Stability. With great pride in our work, we treasure a reputation for integrity, creativity and innovation, stability and strength of character.

We commit to serve our clients with an attention to detail unmatched in our field—whether anyone else ever notices that commitment or not. Using our Perfect Project Process, the Brossett Method ensures the details of your project matter to us. We pay close attention to them. Always.